Julie Robinson – Nutritional Therapist

Julie Robinson Nutritional Therapist

Julie Robinson
Nutritional Therapist

About Me

Julie, who qualified with a Bachelor of Health Science degree (Nutritional Medicine) in 2012 is a registered nutritional therapist with a passion for helping people improve their health and vitality. Julie has much experience helping clients address a wide range of health concerns and recognises that the body, mind and emotions are intrinsically linked and understands the challenges people can sometimes face when making dietary and lifestyle changes.

 Using the Functional Medicine model she takes a wholistic approach which recognises that everyone is different and looks at the body as a whole in order to determine the underlying cause of any symptoms. Diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations are individually tailored in order to address the underlying imbalances and support the body’s natural healing processes. As a healthy digestive system is so important for overall good health Julie has developed a particular interest in this area and has helped a large number of clients resolve their gut health issues.


Julie will ask you to complete a questionnaire and provide a 3 day food diary before you meet for your initial 90 minute consultation. The first appointment is an opportunity for Julie to get to know you, understand your health concerns and then be able to provide you with a personalised treatment plan to address your individual concerns. Functional health tests may be recommended to help identify the underlying cause of your health problems. Nutritional supplements may be recommended as part of a nutritional programme.

 Follow up consultations for ongoing support during your treatment programme are an opportunity to review your progress and discuss any further suggestions to your treatment plan that Julie may consider beneficial, this provides a very personalised approach to your healthcare.