Sharon Strahan – Nutritional Therapist

Sharon Strahan

Nutritional Therapist

Telephone: 07722 728778


About Sharon:

Sharon is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, qualifying in 2010.  She helps marvellous mid-lifers who are finding that their physical health isn’t quite what it once was. She knows that what you eat or don’t eat affects every aspect of how your body works –hormones, joints, digestion, skin, mood… the list is endless! And she passionately believes that you can have more control of this instead of just giving up and giving in.

With a family history of hypertension, stroke, cancer, heart disease and diabetes and having previously suffered from asthma, depression, anxiety and digestive issues, Sharon is well aware of what can happen when you don’t take your health seriously.  By applying her expertise to herself, she has experienced a dramatic improvement in her own physical and emotional well-being as a result. She no longer needs an inhaler and has learned to manage the other conditions through diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Sharon has a special interest in Functional Medicine ( and loves harnessing the power of DNA testing and functional tests (such as an organic acids test) in regards to nutritional health and is a Registered Nutrigenetic Counsellor (BANT).

What you can expect:

For your first consultation allow up to 90 minutes.  We will go through your health history, your family history, current and previous medications, psychological and emotional factors, exercise, stress levels, dietary habits and any symptoms of ill-health. These are just some of the many factors that will be discussed in-depth.  

From there we will decide how best to proceed for you.  I will explain how all that ties together to be potentially contributing to your symptoms. Diet and lifestyle changes may be made and also perhaps some nutritional supplements.  Laboratory tests may also be recommended. These enable a more targeted and individualised nutrition programme to be devised and they can also help to monitor your progress as you work through the programme.

For follow-up appointments, please allow up to 60 minutes. We will review how you are getting on, discuss any test results, and make any changes and additions as required.

Some people may only need two consultations, while others, who may have more deep-seated issues, may feel the need to come back more often, in order to meet their nutritional health goals. We will work together to determine what approach will work best for you!

Initial consultations of 90 minutes are £150 and follow-up appointments start from £50 for 30 minutes. The number of sessions required vary from person to person but typically I’d expect at least an initial consultation and a follow up of 60 minutes.  While this would normally be £250, I offer a package for £230.

Sharon is registered with

  • The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine(BANT)
  • Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
  • The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)